Samaritan Shipping Mission Statement

Samaritan Shipping’s Aim:

Our first & foremost desire is to follow the Lord’s leading.   Through this leading…we are encouraged to extend our love and compassion through shipping our abundant US goods to people & friends of limited resources.

Where the Lord has led us so far:   (accomplishments)

      • We have studied the USAID shipping program and various other methods of shipping goods internationally.
      • We have a long standing relationship in Ukraine with various ministry leaders, in many hospitals, a handicapped orphanage, 2-deaf boarding schools, a prison, a city jail, churches, mobile medical teams and youth group leaders.  During the past year, we have been making preparations with them to receive shipments from us.
      •  As far as shipping logistics:  We have met with US and Ukrainian Partners in Government, Shipping Companies, Shipping Container resellers, Qualified Receiving Organizations and Trucking facilitators.
      • We’ve been working on setting up a smooth communication network with our shipping partners in the Ukraine, through email & skyping.  (easier said than done)
      • To date we have received “Wish Lists” from Ukrainian Dentists, the Prison, and both Deaf schools.
      • We received approval from the City of Des Moines to store a 20’ shipping container on the Smith’s property.
      • The Lord provided a 20’ shipping container for us (on loan) to use for collecting, sorting, inventorying, & boxing.   (free of charge- thanks to Tom Cole and his connection with Steve Hansen)
      • Presently,  we have a  20’ shipping container sitting on the Smith’s property  (Thank you Smithy’s)
      • We have begun to make connections with Doctors, Dentists and Medical facilities… their response has been extremely encouraging.   Their generous gifts have already begun.
      •   At this time we modestly have ten large boxes sorted, inventoried & boxed.
      • We have developed systems & documents for:

- Inventory system
- 501c3 donation letter (hand-outs)
- Donation letter for Medical organizations (hand-outs)
- Business Cards

    • The Lord is forming a prayer partner group for His Purpose in this ministry


What’s Next: 

Covering Prayer:

-His continued leading & direction

-For our eyes to see Him, for our ears to hear Him and for our hearts to be obedient to His leading.

-For His hand to cover all the details of this adventure

-Praying Blessings for all who are connected with this ministry on the giving and receiving ends


-More warehouse space

-Helpers to distribute request letters

-Just the right donations… from heartfelt givers

-multiple same size boxes for packing

What Beliefs Guide Our Work:

Lastly and most importantly our desire is to follow Jesus.  “Samaritan Shipping” is an extension of our Bible believing

Non-denominational church “Jesus Christ Salt & Light” we meet in the SeaTac/Des Moines area.